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 Youssef Hammami

Youssef Hammami, the founder of Connect Biz USA, is an experienced entrepreneur originally from Tunisia and currently residing in the USA. With a strong background in IT and HR project management, Youssef has successfully started multiple companies and led various business ventures. He possesses first-hand knowledge of the intricacies involved in setting up a business in the US and is passionate about helping others navigate the process.

About Connect Biz USA

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Connect Biz USA is a trusted service provider offering comprehensive assistance in setting up LLCs, obtaining EINs (Employer Identification Numbers), and establishing bank accounts in the USA for non-us residents. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs like you start and grow their online businesses that require an EIN.

Multilingual Support

At Connect Biz USA, we value diversity and understand the importance of effective communication. We are proud to offer multilingual support in English, Arabic, and French. This ensures that language barriers are eliminated, allowing us to provide comprehensive guidance and assistance tailored to our clients' specific needs

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